High-Tech Home Automation & Surveillance Systems

Keep your home or business safe with high-tech home automation and surveillance systems from Mount Daddy LLC in Shreveport, Louisiana. We can completely automate your home or business, giving you control wherever you are in the world.


Control your house's systems remotely with your cell phone. You can breathe easy knowing that your security system is set, even if you forgot to activate it when you left the house. We install interfaces that let you do everything remotely, from closing your garage door to turning the lights
on and off.

House - Home Automation
Security Camera - Home Automation


Monitor what's going on at your home or business while you're away. Our state-of-the-art, commercial security cameras let you see exactly what is happening. These systems are great for break-ins or monitoring your business while you're away. We are able to install indoor, outdoor, inferred, digital, and analog cameras. 


For both home automation and surveillance systems, prices vary depending on the nature and complexity of the system, such as installing digital or analog cameras. Get in touch for a free consultation to help you determine which system in right for you.

Contact us in Shreveport, Louisiana, to keep your property safe and secure with quality home automation and surveillance systems.